Rules for the Bike Relay

Please read the rules so you can have a good race and avoid disqualification.


Any team of four can participate in Sofia Business Bike as long as the members are employees with a contract for more than 25 hours per week for at least 3 months. If another team files a complaint we can ask for labor and employment documents or the team can be disqualified.

Teams can be mixed (male and female) as in the work environment. Ranking will be overall and rewards will be given to male and mixed teams in one category and female teams separately.

Each participant must wear a bike helmet!

In case of a missing helmet, the whole team will be disqualified!

How to reach the starting block. Parking.

The start will be in front of Vasil Levski National Stadium. There will be no designated parking spaces available. Please keep that in mind.

Race numbers

Each participant must be registered, agreeing to our competition rules and to put a racing number on either their bike handlebars or back of t-shirt. The number must be visible at all times. Time tracking will be done by a sticker with a chip that is mounted on the saddle stem. These stickers will be given 1 hour before the start from the Registration tent. Please come on time in order to get your tracking stickers. Without them your time cannot be tracked. You can’t wear more than one number or one sticker. You can’t ride with a teammate. If you hide your number or ride with another teammate, you will be disqualified.

Start, finish, track rules, laps, timing

The start for captains for POLE POSITION is at 10:00. It is not mandatory for captains to be the first leg of the relay.

The start for the first leg of the relay is at 11:00.

Each teammate rides 3 laps of 4 kms before the next teammate can start.

Each number has a letter corresponding to the position – 101A rides first leg, then it’s 101B, then it’s 101C and finally – 101D. The position each teammate was registered in the site is the position they must ride and will be visible in the results.

The stickers for the saddle stem are equipped with a chip that will register the time of the team from the moment the first leg passes the start till the moment the fourth leg finishes their last lap.

Teamates can not ride togheter on the track.

POLE POSITION – starting grid

At 10:00 the captains will do one lap to determine the starting grid positions for the teams.

Rules for teams and relays

Only the rider with a number with a letter A in it starts at 11:00. The other teammates must wait in the PIT STOP area designated by their company logo.

Passing the relay should be done after the rider has finished their 3 laps and passing through the arch. When they come to a full stop in front of their designated pit stop, the next rider can start.

Only the rider that starts can be on the street, all other waiting riders should be on the sidewalk. After finishing your leg of the ride, don’t pass through the gate with your bike. The timing system is sensitive and it can get triggered which will result in your team’s disqualification.

Awards ceremony will be held at 13:00.

Food, beverages and medical support

In the tents behind the starting arch will be positioned a food and beverages point.

Next to the start and at the turnaround point will be positioned medical teams.


There will be a luggage tent next to the registration tent. You can put your clothes in the bags provided. When you hand over your luggage a volunteer will put a sticker with your number on it. You can collect your luggage only by showing your number. Please do not put valuables in your luggage as we cannot guarantee the safety of any items.


Toilets will be positioned behind the tents in the small park.


The start is in front of the Vasil Levski National Stadium. Riders will go through Gurko street, Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi blvd, Pencho Slaveikov blvd, turnaround at Vitosha blvd, back on Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi blvd and Gurko street. Each teammate rides 3 laps before the next rider can start. The course is slightly uphill in the first half and downhill on the way back.

Bike Tour RULES

The start is on 17.09.2023, at 10:05 am. The route is the same as the route of Sofia Bike Relay.

The START is in front of the National Stadium.

Bike tour is one lap of the route of the race.

The Bike Tour is free of charge.

There are no age restrictions.

On-line REGISTRATION is obligatory.

Every REGISTERED participant should pick up its number from the tent “REGISTRATION” on the day of the event, not later than 9:50 am.

Each participant must wear a bike helmet!